The Perfect Key Safe Box for Families

December is a time to spend with family, as we all get excited as Christmas draws closer. Kids are getting ready for the Christmas holidays, while adults arrange some last-minute Christmas shopping and family get-togethers. Covid has changed the way we shop: around 70% of Brits prefer the convenience of shopping online* according to Reuters. The only downside of cybershopping is making sure you’re around to receive the deliveries, and there could be quite a bit of waiting around involved if you’re buying most of your presents online this year.  

With the madness of Christmas, a key storage device, such as one of our safe key boxes, can be incredibly handy. Not only does it safely store the key to your home for quick and safe access by the immediate and extended family, but it can also be very useful when you want the neighbour to come to the rescue and pop your parcels through the door if you’re away, so they don’t get wet or stolen. Our police preferred key safes can also save you the headache of losing a house key or being locked-out. 

Keysafes for families

Our safe key boxes are easy to use:

Our police preferred key safes have a simple mechanism that is easy for the whole family to use. Got a delivery but won't make it home in time to answer the door? Your trusted neighbours will have no problems opening your key safe and bringing the delivery inside, meaning that your parcels won't be a risk while sat outside your home. 

With the days getting shorter and colder, you want a key safe box that ensures quick access to your home. No one enjoys getting cold fingers while trying to work the fiddly dials found on many "safe" lockboxes! These can be especially hard if you are less dexterous or have stiff fingers. Our outside key safes use a simple push button and twist dial mechanism that you can use easily without removing your gloves! You can also open the key safe with one hand, which is especially handy if you are carrying some last-minute Christmas presents. 

Enjoy optimum security with an outdoor key safe:

When looking for an external key safe, make sure you opt for the highest quality and security as the device will be keeping the key to both your family home and your valuables.  

Look out for a ‘Secured by Design’ (SBD) Police Preferred key safe. Run by the UK Police, the SBD scheme certified products that improve the security of your home. But what does that mean for you and your family? A police preferred key safe means security and peace of mind thanks to a durable device that can withstand an attack and is long lasting. 

Our police preferred key safes are a great solution for families. They remove the need for multiple spare keys that can be forgotten or lost. If you have kids, you're always going to worry about their safety. A key safe is a more reliable way of sharing keys, rather than hiding your key in an unsafe location, or attaching a key to your child’s keychain. Kids are more prone to losing their keys, but you can keep the whole family safe by going for the highest quality solution.  

Both sporting the SBD certification, our Supra C500 KeySafe™ and Supra P500 KeySafe™ are officially the UK’s best mechanical key safes.  This means you and your family can enjoy peace of mind - and who wouldn't want that in time for Christmas!  

We also offer additional features to improve the security of your keys. The Supra P500 KeySafe™ includes an anti-attack insert and a metal plate that stops the key safe code from being changed (an optional feature with the Supra C500 KeySafe™). This is very useful if you have forgetful family members or younger children who you'd like to prevent accessing the coding mechanism.  

Our code changing is easy with  our safes and we recommend doing this frequently to maintain the highest security, particularly when sharing with non-family members. Here's how to change your key safe code. 

The best key safe that offers you a plan B:

Our key safes are a fantastic solution for spare key storage as they can be used throughout the year- not just for Christmas!  

Say goodbye to lost keys! 

What better gift than never having to worry about lost keys again. Whether you have forgetful teens, an active lifestyle, or just bad luck, you won’t have to take a key out with you ever again, avoiding the costly locksmith fees that come with being locked out.  Simple! Instead, all you need to gain quick, straightforward access to your home is the 5–7-digit code. The simplicity of our key safes makes them the best option for all family members, no matter what age, from children using the key safe when returning  from school , to the grandparents who are staying until the new year - even Santa can get in (if you don’t have a fireplace that is!) 

Enjoy time with the family knowing your home is safe

With the holidays almost upon us, you may be planning to spend extra time with the family. You might be considering a mini-break or a day trip away to a part of the country you haven't visited before. And why not? With one of our police preferred key safes, you can spend time making memories with your loved ones without worrying that your home isn't secure.  

If you are out for the day but have pets, you won’t have to worry about leaving them on their own for too long. A friend or pet-sitter can visit your home to provide your furry friend with some company and maybe a game of tug-of-war. That way, you can come home to a happy pet. 

For those planning longer trips, our safe key boxes mean you can have a friend or neighbour house-sit, water the plants, and deter any opportunists while you are away by making your home seem occupied. 

Enjoy the new addition of a key safe to the family:

With Christmas just around the corner, our key safes make an excellent gift for a loved one that has everything! If you think that one of our police preferred key safes, the Supra C500 KeySafe™ and Supra P500 KeySafe™, would be the right fit for your family, then order one today! What's more, if you order before 3.45pm, you can enjoy free next-working-day delivery.  

It’s easy to install a key safe yourself 

Want to install the safe key box yourself? Fitting one of our devices has never been easier, as we even include the fixings with the key safe! We have also created a handy key safe installation video guide to talk you through the process. 


If you are unsure which of our police preferred solutions are the best pick for you, call our team on 0330 363 0303