A message from our installers regarding Covid-19.

Dear all,

You will seen that due to the ongoing uncertainty with the new coronavirus that many business sectors are suffering and the fear of food and toilet paper shortages are rampant; we are here to say 'don't panic'. 

I wanted to personally update you all to say that it is business as usual. We are still taking bookings and will update you for upcoming work if you wish to accept. 

As advised by the NHS we recommend that being mindful of avoiding crowds and paying closer attention to personal hygiene will reduce our chances to catch CoVid19. 

Steps to take:

  • Regularly wash hands (20 seconds) 
  • Regular use of hand sanitizer 
  • Avoid touching of face, month, eyes and nose
  • Avoid crowds and public gathering spots

washing hands and using a tissue

We are undoubtedly going to interact with clients when completing an inspection but we can still take steps to reduce our personal interaction by not shaking hands and keeping a distance whilst inside a property; the client would also appreciate these steps. 

Property Line wish you all good health.

Thank you for your understanding. 


Kind regards,



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