Regularly changing the key safe code on your outdoor key safe is an important aspect of making sure your key and home are secure. The frequency you should do this depends on how widely you share the key safe code and on the level of trust you have for the person using it. code-combination-change

When it comes to changing a keysafe code, it is no different to changing a password on your email account or online banking services. We all know we should do it regularly but not all of us do it often enough. However, it is a good habit to get into; a little extra caution will give you a lot of peace of mind. Here is why. 

The more often you use your key safe and the more people you share the code with, the higher the need to change the keycode. The trust you place in the people you share the code with is important. You may not worry about compromised security if your code is known by your close circle of trust such as your immediate family and friends. However, it is wise and is always advisable to change the code if you entrust the code with a third party or someone outside of your close circle of trust. This is particularly true where different people often carry out the job, such as a cleaning agency, for example.

It is not to say that you should not trust your service providers – after all, you are allowing them into your home, right? Only you will know who’s trustworthy and who’s not but the more people you give out the code to, the higher the risks of the code being lost, misplaced or getting into the wrong hands, particularly if it’s been written down on a piece of paper. You have no control of where people keep your code and if they store it securely. For example, a plumber could write it down in their notebook next to your address. This is why changing key safe codes regularly is a good idea. 

So, how often should you change your keysafe code to keep it secure? You should aim to reset the code at least once a month when sharing the key safe number with trusted individuals. We strongly advise that you change the code after every use when giving the code a third party.

Keeping Your Code Safe

If you’d like to know how to change your keysafe code on a Supra UK device, watch our Keysafe Coding Video

Be sure to make a note of your new code and store it somewhere safe for personal use only. This is very important because mechanical key storage devices do not have a master override code and entering the current code is the only way to get to your keys. 

Remember to share the new code with the people who must have access to your home and send the code electronically rather than passing the code by paper.

After retrieving the key, remember to close the key safe straightaway so the code changing mechanism is never left in view. Insist that the service providers do the same while they are carrying out their services to maintain the code’s integrity. 

If you’re receiving care in-home, your telecare provider will securely store the code on their electronic system. In an emergency, with your approval, they may share your code with emergency services so they can get in quickly to help you. We recommend that you change the code as soon as possible if the key safe has been used by emergency services. Their number one priority is getting to the person in need of assistance fast and they may not have the time to follow the correct key retrieval procedure. 

You may also want to change the code if you get a new carer but make sure that you notify your telecare provider so they can update their system for continuity of service. 

What To Do If You Can’t Get Into Your Key Safe

If you’ve lost or forgotten your key safe code, there are a few things you could try – read our ‘Forgotten or Unknown Code’ blog here for tips on how you could try to recover it. 

If your key safe is jammed and you have tried the current code and are still unable to open the key safe, unfortunately, there are very few options. The first option is to contact the organisation the key safe was purchased from for support. Alternatively, a local locksmith may be able to help in removing the key safe and offering a replacement. If you require further advice or key safe replacement, we advise you to opt for a high-quality device like Supra C500 or Supra P500 to minimise the risk of quality-related issues such as jamming and to ensure that the key is secure. 

What Is The Most Secure Key Safe For Outdoor Use? 

It is a good idea to buy a police preferred and LPCB (Loss Prevention Certification Board) accredited push button key safe to keep the key to your home secure. These independent certifications mean that the device has undergone stringent physical attack testing.  

In addition to the physical key safe security, look for a key storage device with a high number push buttons or scroll dials. Typically, the higher number of buttons or dials on the key safe, the higher number of code combinations, awarding higher security. However, it is important to note that scroll dials, similar to what is used on bike locks, rely on the user scrambling the code after opening. This is unreliable and increases code discovery risk. For higher security, we recommend push-button key safes that automatically clear the last code entry when closed. 

As tough as a domestic front door, Supra C500 or Supra P500 push-button keys safes from the Key Safe Company are the UK’s two most secure mechanical key safes. If you’re unsure how to choose the best product for you, read our 2021 Guide to Key Safes.