Organising and managing major renovation works in your home can be a time consuming and daunting project. You’ve found a reputable tradesperson, got a decent quote, have a start date confirmed and just as you start thinking you can relax and let them do the rest, it hits you. Your life is no longer your own as you will have to be on tap not only for your kids but for your electrician, plasterer, decorator, kitchen fitter and whoever else you’ve got lined up to get you closer to that beautiful home you dream of. This could mean weeks or even months of being tied down and juggling your own diary only to make sure you’re there to let your workers in and out. You could always give them a key but the idea of handing keys out to multiple people doesn’t feel safe and just isn’t practical. And what if they lose the key? It could turn into an expensive job of changing locks and recutting keys. 

Sounds familiar? The good news is that it doesn’t have to be like this. If you’d rather not have your life revolve around your contractors’ work schedule, you can install an outdoor key safe that can take care of your access sharing headaches overnight.

Why Do I Need A Key Safe? 

A key safe is a lockable metal key box that holds a key to your home. It is locked and unlocked by entering a code you had set. You may grant your contractors access to your home by leaving a key inside your key safe and sharing the code with them. Once the renovations have been completed, you can change the code to control who can access the key. We have a blog on how often you should change your key safe code, if you’d like to know more. 

Key safes can also be used by family and friends if you’re running late, and are great for letting older kids in after school. (And if you have them, you will know they are devils for losing or forgetting their keys. Yep, it can get rather costly pretty quickly, particularly if you have more than one!)

Which Key Safe Is Best For Access Control

There is a wide choice of key sharing devices available on the market, from scroll key boxes to push button key safes. Read our 2021 Guide to Key Safes to choose the right one for you. 

As a company that introduced keysafes into Europe over 25 years ago, we recommend high security, police approved key safes for wall mounting outside your main property to keep your key and valuables safe and secure. Look out for a Secured by Design (SBD) or Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) seal of approval – these are independent security schemes that certify a key safe to be secure. 

The benefits of a push-button key safe:

As well as the above security accreditations, look out for a key safe with a high number of code combinations as they award higher code security. The higher number of buttons on a key safe, the higher number of possible combinations.  Push-button key safes are mechanical key storage devices featuring a keypad with 10-12 push buttons for entering the code.

We recommend you opt for a police-preferred or LPCB accredited push button key safe. There are many benefits of such a device, mechanical reliability and the high level of security being the two main differentiators.

The Most Secure Choice To Provide Controlled Contractor Access 

The two best push-button key safes to use for access control are the Supra P500 and C500 key safes – the UK’s most secure mechanical key holding devices with the LPCB Issue 8 A5 certification, unrivalled by any other key box. 

Insurance Approved Key Safe 

There are many home insurance providers and types of policy covers. If you have concerns about whether your key safe is covered by your home insurance policy, check with your insurer. We recommend that you always choose the most secure key safe on the market to reduce the risks of sharing keys using a key safe.

The security tests passed by the Supra C500 KeySafe™ were devised in association with independent security experts, including the Association of British Insurers and Association of Insurance Surveyors.