Are Outside Key Safe Boxes Useful for Pet Owners?

How can a key safe box help pet owner

With over 44% of households in the UK owning a pet, it's safe to say that we are a nation of animal lovers!
While Bonfire Night can be a night of fun and fireworks for many people, for pets and pet owners, this can be a very stressful time. You may find this day of celebration particularly worrying if you are unable to be at home to provide your pet with reassurance and company, especially if they are frightened of fireworks. However, what if there was a solution that could ensure that someone could be at your home to take care of your animals while you were stuck in the office or out for the evening?
As a pet owner, you always want what's best for your furry friends, every day of the year without exceptions! Bonfire night isn't the only time your pet will come across stressful environments. New people, unfamiliar surroundings and separation anxiety have all been found to be causes of worry in pets. If your pet is anxious, it is likely to cause you distress too.
That's why we want to tell you how one of our police preferred outside key boxes can benefit both you and your animals all year round.

Enjoy the freedom of travel with one of our key safes:

Travel precautions are being lifted across the globe, making the idea of a holiday abroad far more tempting. Despite this lift of restrictions, a lot of pet owners feel bad about leaving their pets behind, especially at a kennel or cattery. If you have smaller pets such as hamsters or parrots, you will need to find a suitable person who can care for them and is familiar with their needs. Not to mention the costs of vaccinating your pets and paying for their accommodation while you are away.
That's just one reason to get a key safe. An outdoor key safe means that you can hire a pet-sitter or alternatively, have a friend watch your animals while you are away and ensure that they are looked after. This is especially helpful for smaller pets who may not need much fuss but could find new surroundings stressful.
No one wants to spend their holiday in the sun worrying, and with one of our wall-mounted key safes, you won't have to.

Our outdoor key safes offer peace of mind:

Most of the nation is back to some form of normality, which means many of us have returned to an office environment. While working from home may have had its challenges, it's safe to say that our pets have enjoyed the extra company!
With pets remaining home for long periods of time while we are at work or out for the day, their well-being is still a concern. If you are not comfortable leaving your pet on their own for too long, our police preferred devices, the Supra C500 KeySafe™ and the Supra P500 KeySafe™, offer a solution. A pet sitter or trusted friend can access your home during the day to keep your beloved animals' company, and all that you need to do is give them the code to your key safe. Your furry friend is happy to have extra fuss during the day, and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that they aren't lonely while you are out.

push button key safe

Keep your pet happy with a pushbutton key safe:

With the days getting darker sooner and the weather much colder, many of us are not looking forward to still having to go on a long dog-walk after work- especially if it's raining and the workday has been particularly exhausting! However, we all know how much dogs enjoy their exercise (for the most part!), so we usually feel bad about not taking them out for a walk daily. This is where an outdoor key safe box can help! Dog walkers can exercise your pet while you are at work, without the need for you to be home to let them in. All that is needed is access to your key safe, and your dog can enjoy a morning (or evening!) of exercise while you are out of the house. As a result, you don't need to feel guilty about wanting to relax after a long day and no longer need to worry about your pet's well-being!
Not just for bonfire night, but for every night of the year, a push button key safe is a secure solution to eliminating the need to hand out multiple sets of keys meaning that you don’t have the worry or expense of replacing lost keys!

Have we tempted you enough?

If you think our police preferred key safes are right for you and your pets, you'll also be pleased to know that they are the most secure mechanical key safes in the UK, as well as being certified by third-parties including Secured By Design.
Not handy with a drill? That’s ok! On top of free next working day delivery and no quibble 28-day returns, we also offer an installation service. Our professional DBS-checked installers will ensure that your key safe is fitted to the highest of security standards so you know that the key to your home – and your furry friends - are safe and secure.