How Can a Wall-Mounted Key Safe Box Help Airbnb Owners?

Got a holiday rental property and want to provide a fantastic experience for visitors? Here’s how our secure key safe boxes can help!
In the Summer of 2020, UK Airbnb Hosts made over £225 million by renting holiday properties to guests. With many people still apprehensive about travelling across the globe for a getaway, staycations are a much more enticing option. These people can enjoy the experience of a relaxing holiday without the worry and stress of potential delays and the inconvenience of arranging coronavirus tests.
Staycations in the UK are on the rise, UK holiday bookings this year have increased by 300%- which is great news for holiday renters!

While renting a property out to holidaymakers is a fantastic way of making an income, it can still come with its challenges.
Some Airbnb owners will live some distance away from their rental property and must face the inconvenience of travelling to hand over a set of keys for guests to use to access the property. If owners are stuck in poor traffic or their vehicle breaks down, this could result in a poor experience for their guests who are left waiting. Some Airbnb hosts rely on alternative methods to let their guests in, like relying on neighbours or using key drop off points, both of which come at the cost of inconveniencing other people or your guests.
Airbnb owners may also be uncomfortable handing out sets of spare keys to guests- if these keys are lost frequently, it could compromise the security of the property and be extremely costly. If a holidaymaker has lost the spare key and is locked out of the holiday home, they may also have to face a long wait for the Airbnb owner to arrive to let them back in again.
Our police preferred key safes are known for their security and robustness. Airbnb owners may be utilising devices such as lock boxes that are not as secure as our key safes are, therefore, possibly putting the key to their property at risk. Find out about the differences between a lock box and a key safe here.

We always recommend going for a key storage device that offers optimum security and certification to prove it. Our police preferred key safes - which the hospitality industry may sometimes refer to as “safe key boxes”- are certified by third parties, including the ‘Secured By Design’ initiative and are recognised as the most secure mechanical key safes in the UK.
So how can our police preferred devices, the Supra C500 KeySafe™ and Supra P500 KeySafe™, help Airbnb owners and provide an even better experience for holidaymakers?

How can a key safe help airbnb owners

Our police preferred key safes are easy to use!

There’s no need for multiple sets of keys or working fiddly dials on a key lock box anymore! The key to your holiday home is tucked securely into a police preferred key safe, and all that holidaymakers need to do is enter the correct code to access the key. This access method is easier than ever, thanks to a simple twist mechanism and push button action that is straightforward to use even with less dexterous guests.

Less hassle with an outside key safe:

Airbnb owners who live far away from their property no longer need to worry about key handover to their guests or ensuring that cleaning services or maintenance providers have access to the property once guests have left. All they need to do is share the correct key safe code, and visitors can access the property quickly, making the most out of their getaway right away!

Our coded key safe boxes offer peace of mind:

Our police preferred Supra C500 KeySafe™ has been named the Number 1 key safe by Real Homes Magazine 2020, and one reason for this is because our police preferred range offer their users peace of mind.
A key safe removes the need for guests to carry their keys with them when they are on a day trip, eliminating the stress of lost keys or the risk of being locked out.

If disaster struck and a guest had an accident, or there was a fire, emergency services can enter the property quickly and safely without wasting time waiting for another way to get in.

A pleasant experience for your guests:

As an Airbnb owner, it is essential to ensure that holidaymakers have a fantastic experience - after all, positive reviews will tempt more people to pay the holiday rental a visit!

A key safe prevents guests from facing inconveniences such as waiting for the keys to be handed over or being locked out of the holiday home. As a result, they can make the most of their holiday and are more likely to recommend their trip to others.  An outside key safe ensures that both you and your guests can enjoy a pleasant and straightforward experience.