Have a Hassle-Free Holiday Thanks to an External Key Safe

how can a key safe help with holiday planning

With travel situation constantly changing, you may be planning a holiday you booked weeks ago or may brave jetting off for a last minute getaway before Christmas. Either way, one of our key storage solutions could take out a lot of hassle out of your break.

Planning for a holiday is bound to be stressful, so why should you also worry unnecessarily about your home security?  

With companies across the UK rolling over holiday from 2020, you may have some time saved-up that you want to take off and enjoy a trip abroad.  So, here’s how an external key safe can help make your long-anticipated holiday less stressful. 

Reduce pre-Travel Stresses with an outdoor key safe:

There are a lot of holiday deals still available online so you may be considering a last-minute getaway. However, there are many things you have to think about in preparation for your holiday, with holiday insurance and packing your bags topping the list of most stressful. But have you also considered home security and pet-sitting?  

Wall-mounted key safes offer peace of mind:

We’ve all settled down into our plane seats and experienced that sinking feeling, when we can’t remember if we locked all the external doors before we left.
With one of our wall-mounted key safes, you never have to experience any worry during your holiday again. While you are away, you can arrange for a friend or neighbour to house-sit or pop over occasionally to check that all doors are locked and everything is switched off. This has an additional benefit as it looks like someone is home, deterring any opportunists on the lookout for empty houses. All you need to provide your house-sitter with is the code to your key safe, and you can enjoy peace of mind while on your well-earned break.

You don’t have to feel guilty about going on holiday thanks to a police preferred key safe:

Anxious about leaving your beloved pet at a kennel or cattery while you are abroad? Now you don’t have to! A key safe is the perfect device for pet-sitters, who can care for your pets in the comfort of a familiar environment. This is especially handy if you have smaller pets like rats, parrots or rabbits, as being moved around to an environment that you don’t know can be very distressing. Thanks to an outside key safe, your furry, feathered or scaly friends can remain just as relaxed as you while you are away!

Enjoy your return home thanks to push-button key safes:wall mounted keysafe

We all experience the holiday blues when we return home from a relaxing holiday by the sea or bustling city break. So why feel worse by coming home to a dusty home or the path of destruction you and your family left behind after a mad rush to the airport?  

By installing one of our police preferred key safes, you can arrange for a cleaner to visit while you are away. By entering the correct code, they have controlled access to your home to provide their services. That way you don’t need  to leave a spare key hidden somewhere that is not secure, such as under a plant pot. You can come back to a freshly clean home without the need to add hoovering and polishing to your list of post-holiday tasks. 

It is also a good idea for someone to access your home via a key safe to move the post away from the door for security – many people still have glass panes in their front doors, and a pile of mail is a giveaway that the property is not currently occupied.

What is the best key safe in terms of security?

So, you may hopefully agree that a push-button key safe can offer you a more relaxing holiday.  

When it comes to key storage solutions, there are so many options on the UK market to pick from! But why should you pick our key safe box over any other? In short, our police preferred external key safes are the best in terms of security. The Supra C500 KeySafe™ and Supra P500 KeySafe™ are certified by third parties, including the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LBPC) and Secured By Design. Thanks to their formidable attack rating, they are the most secure mechanical key safes in the UK. That means you know that you are not only buying secure key storage, you are also buying long-term peace of mind.