Everything you need to know about Supra key safes 


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Supra UK Ltd trading as The Key Safe Company is the exclusive distributor of Supra key safes in the UK. Home of the UK’s most secure mechanical key safes with over 2 million units sold to date, the Supra brand is synonymous with high quality and security. Supra UK has many firsts in the industry including being the first to bring key safes to Europe, offering the first police preferred key safe and now having the UK's most secure mechanical key safe. We've paved the way for access management solutions that are more secure. 

What is a Supra key safe? 

We are passionate about our customers and meeting their needs so each key safe has been designed for ease of use, all while discreetly and securely storing your spare key, allowing your trusted circle access to your property. There are many reasons why our customers decide to buy a key safe instead of a lockbox, from allowing family & friends access in an emergency and letting in trusted service providers, to eliminating the risk of lost keys while out of the house. 

Everything we do is centred around our customers. We offer free delivery Monday to Friday, as well as free returns, and we have a dedicated customer service team on hand to support our community, who have rewarded us with a Gold badge and 4.8 out of 5-star rating on the independent review site eKomi! 

A Supra key safe offers peace of mind, empowering customers to live their lives independently without relying on a less secure key that can leave their homes vulnerable. A brand trusted by the care industry for 25 years, we enable healthcare providers to continue delivering essential care to those receiving treatment and rehabilitation at home.  

Which is the best Supra key safe? 

Each of our Supra key safes has been tailored to suit the need of our customers.  

Our Temporary range enables short-term access which is particularly useful if you have recently been discharged from hospital and require some form of care or service while you recover.  

Our Police Preferred range offers premium levels of security and allows controlled access to your property for trusted individuals. 

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Following a design upgrade, the Supra C500 Keysafe™ and Supra P500 Keysafe™ achieved the formidable attack standard: LPS 1775 Issue 8 A5, the only mechanical key safes to achieve this rating.          The Supra P500 key safe also offers additional features such as an anti-tamper plate and can be connected to a Grade 2 alarm system to ensure that your key safe is as secure as possible.  

All our key safes, including our Police Preferred range, have the added benefit of being easy to install yourself - just make sure to follow the keysafe instructions step by step; this way you will maintain the high level of security our key safes are famous for.

We are so confident in the security of our products that both of our police preferred key safes come with a 5-year warranty. 

How to open a Supra key safe without code?

The reason our Supra key safes are so successful lies in the simple fact that they are mechanical devices requiring no maintenance or reliance on a power source. The only way to access your key safe is by entering the correct code into the push-button mechanism. There is no override or reset code, ensuring that our key safes are as secure as possible. 

No matter what key safe you have, you must enter the correct code to access your key. We recommend making a note of your code and keeping it somewhere safe to prevent you from forgetting it. For added security, there is no other way to gain entry – this allows you to control exactly who has access. 

Are Supra key safes police preferred? 

Within our range of Supra key safes, we have two that are police preferred. These are our Supra C500 Keysafe™ and Supra P500 Keysafe™. Due to their impressive durability and attack standard, awarded by an independent testing body, these two devices are not only the most secure key safes we have on offer but also the most secure mechanical key safes available anywhere in the UK.