Cost of care hits UK movers

Internal migration within the UK is on the rise, with many families and working professionals re-locating to seek job and education opportunities. However, this means the ageing population is left behind, and with the cost of residential care increasing 45 per cent since 2001, more families are resorting to funding their own home care solutions to remotely support family members. 

 house and keys

Here at The Key Safe Company, we are passionate about helping people live their lives independently. Moving away when you have ageing relatives can be difficult, however, we can provide a range of solutions that can help with remote care and allow families to create tailored care solution for their loved ones, providing much needed peace of mind.  


One product that supports independent living is the One Touch Pendant. This personal monitoring alarm allows individuals to continue living at home independently, whilst also helping family members and carers feel at ease. The alarm offers GPS tracking, meaning the wearer can also travel outside their home. The device operates using a roaming SIM, which means in the event of an emergency, the device can alert up to three contacts and activate a two-way conversation with the responder, who can warn relevant family members or care professionals.


Another product that can help support families when caring for relatives is a key safe. The Supra C500 KeySafe provides a secure method of externally storing up to six keys to a property, meaning individuals no longer have to answer the door to strangers. A key safe is also vital in allowing caregivers, relatives and health care professionals to have access to a property, as well as providing vital access to the emergency services, meaning there will be no delay in treatment time. For additional security, the key safe has over 4,000 possible combinations and the code can be changed as regularly as you like.


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