Dear Friend/Industry Colleague,David Ogden MD

None of us would be in this industry if we weren’t dedicated or passionate about delivering exceptional solutions and services in order to facilitate the safety and wellbeing of the elderly or vulnerable in our communities.

That said, never before in our 25 years, have we ever felt so honoured, so privileged or so humbled to be part of such an amazing industry filled with such amazing people.

We would simply like to thank everyone who is working tirelessly in order to help protect the NHS and others on the frontline, expedite hospital discharge and enable patients to return to the safety of their own homes with the peace of mind that end-to-end telecare/telehealth solutions have been implemented.

We know first-hand the long hours people are working and the pressures we are all under so whilst “thank you” under these circumstances feels like an inadequate platitude everyone here at Supra UK Limited - The Key Safe Company does thank you for everything that you are doing, wholeheartedly and sincerely.

As an industry, as members of industry associations and as a community we should take a step back (for just a moment) and be proud of what we are achieving together.

Take care of each other and stay safe

David Ogden MD