In short, no.
There are two reasons for this;
1. Security
We often recieve calls from people who have recently moved into a property with a locked KeySafe. Whilst we're sure that enquiries for codes are genuine, this doesn't negate the fact that if we did provide the codes on request, or an override code, it would be a huge security risk.
What would you do if your alarm company shared your deactivation code to anybody who could quote your address? Likewise, would you purchase an alarm system that had an override code? In today's world where this information could be broadcast over the web in milliseconds, the alarm immediately becomes worthless and your home is no longer secured.
The same is true for the KeySafe. We take pride in the integrity of our product and to provide backdoors or allow access would go against our company ethos.
2. Law
The Data Protection Act 1998 prevents us from sharing personal information for multiple reasons. A relevant quote is that any user has 'a right to object to {data} processing that is likely to cause or is causing damage or distress'
For these two reasons, not only do we not maintain a record of key safe codes, we don't even have a default code. All KeySafes that we send out are supplied with no code at all. This means that there is no standard 'educated guess' available to the opportunist, and also gives you, the user, ultimate control over your own security.
For more infomation on your Data Protection rights, check out the Information Commissioner's Office website -
Is there anything I can do?
There is potentially a way of retrieving this information.
The first step would be to attempt to contact the previous tenants/owners of your property and ask them to share the information.
Many users are elderly or vulnerable. For this reason, often it is a viable option to contact social services, your local council or care authorities to see if they may have the code on file. Other organisations may have this information, such as the emergency services, landlord or estate agent. These organisations will undertake security checks before providing this information.