Can I Open My Key Safe Without A Code?


Now that you’ve decided to purchase a key safe and install it onto your home, you may have some questions about how it operates, and whether you can open a key safe without a code. 


The way a key safe functions is entirely down to its design and who it is made by. We at The Key Safe Company cannot speak for all brands; however, we can provide you with answers to any questions you have about our Supra range.  


How To Open A Key Safe? 


The reason for the success of our range of Supra key safes is the fact that they are mechanical devices requiring no maintenance or power.  


Most of our devices feature a push-button mechanism for ease of operation. Each safe will come with step-by-step instructions for key safe access. To open a safe from our Classic or Temporary range, enter the correct code and pull down the button at the top of the safe to remove the lid. To unlock one of our police preferred key safes, you must enter the correct code and twist the dial at the top of the key safe clockwise 180 degrees. The hinged door will then open towards you.  



How To Unlock A Key Safe Without A Code? 


No matter what key safe you have, there’s one thing in common: to open a locked key safe, you must enter the correct code to access the key. For security reasons, there is no other way.  


Key safes are designed to only open upon entry of the correct code. The good news is that this puts you in complete control of who can use the key safe to gain access to your property. Just make sure you keep your code secure by only sharing it with people you trust and remember to change the code regularly. If you’re unsure how often you should reset a key safe code, check out our blog on the frequency of code changing.  


If you’re trying to unlock a key safe with no code (maybe you’ve misplaced it or moved into a new property), you will still need to enter the latest code combination to gain access. You may want to retrace your steps to help you remember where you wrote it down and where you put it or try contacting previous property owners or the estate agents to see if they could help in case of a recent move.  


Many customers ask us for an override code, but mechanical key safes do not have this option. In fact, an override code would reduce the security of the safe as it would mean that an external party may have access to your device at any time, and you would no longer be in complete control of the access trail.  


The best option is to always make a note of your code somewhere safe; that way you can always access your key safe. And always remember to update your reminder note whenever changing a key safe code

If you find yourself in the situation where you have exhausted all possibilities and are unable to access or reset a key safe, then you could consider using a professional locksmith to remove the key safe from your property.