At The Key Safe Company, the customer is at the heart of everything that we do. With the support of a new marketing team we have begun the process of redesigning our website so that your experience is as quick, easy and straightforward as possible.
Nowadays, around 80% of people use their mobile phone to access the internet, so we thought it best to redesign our site to make it more responsive. This means that the site will reformat and resize to any device, meaning the end of having to zoom in and out to read small text.
We have also specified a new Extended Validation SSL certificate. You may recognise the EV certificate as the green bar over the top of the web address in your browser, however it is much more than just aesthetics! Whilst our existing security is state of the art and industry standard 128 bit encryption, the EV SSL will require our entire system to be vetted by the specialist security firm, giving you even more confidence in the security and integrity of the company and our site.
Another thing we have specified is accessibility. This means that the new site will be built with ease of use in mind, especially for disabled or vision impaired users. The site will work seamlessly with screen readers, and make it quick and simple to resize text for people who struggle to see small writing. We will also ensure a large, easily visible phone number for those who aren't comfortable in using the web. Remember, we are a very friendly team and we're more than happy to have a chat without pushing sales!
Live chat is also a major focus for us. Having introduced live chat a few months ago, the uptake has been incredible! It allows us to answer your questions instantly, without having to wait for an email response or pick up the phone.
There are also very exciting developments in place that we're sure you'll love. Make sure to Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter to be the first to know!
Much like the process of designing the C500, we'd love to invite you to tell us what you want to see on version 2.0. As the users of the site, yoiu are best equipped to tell us how to improve the user journey. Let us know your suggestions either on Facebok or via email ( and don't forget to include your address so we can send a free KeySafe pen!