A Push-Button Key Safe is the Perfect Gift For a Partner Who Has Everything 

Christmas is only weeks away, so it is likely that you have started your Christmas shopping and thinking about the best gifts to get your partner. They might be an avid gardener or enjoy an active lifestyle running or cycling. But what Christmas gifts do you get for the partner who has everything? 

Well, we’re here to tell you that one of our push-button key safes is a perfect idea for Christmas. But how do you know which keysafe is the best to buy

Top christmas gifts for him

A key box with a code is great for gardeners:

Got a green-fingered partner? There are some fantastic gadgets available that can make their hobby even more enjoyable. Maybe they need a new set of top of the range secateurs or a stool that doubles up as a gardening tool bag (you can actually find this online!). If they are new to gardening, they may even enjoy a “grow your own” kit! But have you considered gifting them with one of our key safes?  

Our range of classic and temporary security key boxes are a fantastic option if you have a secure garden but are looking for something small and discreet. The Supra S6 KeySafe™ is a small key safe that can hold the key to your greenhouse or shed without adding more keys to your keychain or leaving loose keys around the house ready to be lost.  

The Portable KeySafe™ is another great key box with a code that will make the perfect gift as it acts as a padlock which you can hook around railings, rather than fixing the key box to the wall. 

Enjoy an active lifestyle thanks to an outdoor key safe:

Does your partner love to stay active? Maybe they enjoy spending hours at the gym or going on a long cycle every Sunday. So what should you get them? Activewear such as a new pair of running shorts is always a great idea. You could also get them a new set of headphones so they can listen to their favourite music while working out.  

But what if they already have a drawer full of activewear or bought the latest in exercise-friendly technology when pay-day hit? You should consider one of our police preferred push-button key safes! 

The Supra C500 KeySafe™ and the Supra P500 KeySafe™ are the perfect gifts for a partner who likes to be out and about!  

There is nothing more annoying than to hear your set of keys jingling in your pocket while you run or cycle, it can be very off-putting. You also run the risk of losing your key while out, which can be a nightmare if you’ve got to retrace your steps over several miles! With a police preferred key safe, your partner no longer needs to bring a set of keys out with them, as they are stored safely in the outside key safe back at home.  


Unlike other storage boxes with a lock and key, the police preferred range is easy to install and straightforward to use, not to mention that their attack standard makes them the most secure mechanical key safes available in the UK! Therefore, not only are you gifting your loved one with a device that makes working-out more enjoyable, you are gifting them with a device that is the optimum in key storage and key security. 

Want peace of mind? You can with an outdoor key safe! 

One of our push-button key safes is a fantastic gift, even if you are just stuck for Christmas ideas for your partner this Christmas!  Not only are you gifting your loved one with the gift of peace of mind, but our wall-mounted key safes can also be used by the whole family thanks to their ease of use and reliability!  

If you are cutting it close to Christmas, don’t worry! We offer free next working day delivery when you order before 3.45pm!