How to Prevent Your Child from Losing Their Spare Key

Children in England are among the first to return "back to normal", having gone back to school earlier this month.

You may have found that this has created an issue with your children getting into the house after the school day has finished, as you're still at work and cannot let them in.

One answer to this problem is to give your child a spare key. But with almost 37% of Brits admitting to losing at least one house key[1], you run the risk of the key being forgotten or lost after it falls out of their pocket during a lunchtime game of tag. Before you know it, your child must wait around outside until you can get home. If your workplace isn't local, this creates a potentially worrying situation, especially as winter draws in and it starts to get colder and darker.

So, what is the best solution? Well, one of our outdoor key safes, of course!

School children

How can a wall-mounted key safe help busy parents?

A key safe is a far safer option than your child wearing a key chain or having to hide your house key somewhere on your property. Not only does storing a key in an external key safe allow secure and controlled access for your child, but it will potentially save you the cost of replacing lost keys or getting the locks changed. With 8.91 million children in school , that's a lot of potentially lost keys[2]!

You can only imagine how many poor mums and dads have had to make a mad rush home to ensure their child can get in after school!  Thankfully, having a key safe has saved the day for many parents on more than one occasion, as one busy mum testifies:  "The key safe has been a great help for me as a working professional. My teenage daughter can always let herself in, whether I'm in the office or working from home and stuck on a Zoom meeting."

If your child is too young to be travelling back home on their own or to have a spare key, an outdoor key safe also allows secure access for a childminder. You just need to share the key safe code with the babysitter who can take care of your child while you're still at work.


What else can you use your key safe for?

A key safe is not only useful during term-time. In fact, our range of police preferred key safes offer other benefits that can benefit you and your family year-round:

Offers your child independence:

Even though our key safes are helpful now that your kids are back at school and you have returned to the office, these devices can be used throughout the year.

When the holidays hit, you don't have to be home to let your children in. They can visit friends or go out and play without the risk of being locked out of the house or losing their keys.

Extra help around the house:

You know just what a juggle raising a family can be, and having an extra pair of hands is a real lifesaver for many working parents. Many of our customers give their key safe code to their service providers such as cleaners – the cleaner can visit your home whilst the family are at work and school, meaning you can all come home to a lovely clean house. Other providers who can utilise a key safe include dog walkers, who ensure your precious pooch is happy and you get more free time to relax.

More time with the family:

A key safe also means more freedom as you no longer need to stay at home all day waiting to let a service provider or tradesperson into your home. Instead, they can use the outdoor key safe to safely share the key, which means you can spend your spare time with your loved ones.


Why is a key safe a better option for my child?

Our key safes mean security and reliability for your family. You have likely spent quite a bit of time considering the best option that is easy for your kids to use and keeps your property safe. There are many choices, from key safes, lock boxes and key boxes available on the market, it is difficult to know what the best key storage option is. Luckily, we have a handy blog that explains the difference between a key safe and a lock box.

 What distinguishes a lock box from a key safe is the product’s security. Be sure to opt for police preferred or LPCB certified key safes, which have been vigorously tested against burglar attacks.

You may also use user feedback as a means of selecting the right key safe for you and your family. When relying on outdoor key safe reviews, go for a device where users praise its security and ease of use. We would suggest that the security rating needs to be a major factor in your decision-making process. Remember, this device will not only be protecting your key but also your family, ensuring your child can get home confidently, quickly, and most importantly, safely. A secure key means a safe home for your family.


How safe are key safes?

Before making your decision, you are probably wondering: are key safes safe?

Whilst there are products of varying security levels on the market, we can confidently say that our range of police preferred outdoor key safes have the most secure mechanical key safes in the UK, as vouched by external industry certifications.

Our police preferred range, the Supra C500 KeySafe™ and the Supra P500 KeySafe™, are certified by the 'Secured by Design' police initiative and the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). These two devices have achieved LPS1175 Issue 8 A5 certification- the highest security rating ever awarded to a mechanical key safe in the UK.

As a result of its durability and formidable attack rating, the Supra C500 KeySafe™ was also named the best key safe by Real Homes magazine in 2020.


How easy are our key safes to use?

The Supra C500 KeySafe™ and Supra P500 KeySafe™ have a simple push-button mechanism and twist dial latch, making opening and closing a key safe easy. In fact, the twist dial design means the device can be opened and closed with one hand, which is ideal when coming home with shopping bags, school rucksacks or sports equipment.

Not only are our key safes easy to use, but they’re also easy to install too. If you are handy with a drill, we provide detailed instructions with each product on how to install the device to your home. Key safe installation should be quick and straightforward, but if you need any extra guidance, we have created a handy installation video that you can follow.

 Alternatively, we offer a simple key safe installation service, which is arranged at your convenience.