If you’re looking for a key storage device for your home, a key safe without connection to your home alarm is usually adequate. However, we recommend you only consider devices that are both ‘Secured by Design’ and LPCB accredited. These two independent badges of approval certify that the key safe has been designed and manufactured to withstand attack. Our Supra C500 and Supra P500 key safes are the UK’s most secure mechanical devices with the highest LPCB rating. 

However, if you wish for extra security and are looking for additional peace of mind, you may want to consider fitting a keysafe capable of connecting to your home alarm. Alarmed keysafes may be a good option for homes with high-value contents, as well as homes infrequently occupied like an Airbnb property. It is also something that must be considered for a commercial property, like an office, industrial unit or shop.

Why Should I Add An Alarm To My Keysafe?

Alarmed key safes can be connected to your home alarm system, triggering the alarm when the key safe is tampered with, deterring unwanted access or break-in. 

Supra P500 Alarm Activated Keysafe 

If you’re looking for the highest levels of quality and security, then our Alarmed Supra P500 is the product for you. As well as its Police Preferred Specification, it has the LPCB Issue 8 A5 security certification, unrivalled by any other mechanical key safe manufacturer in the UK. 

Supra P500 can be integrated with your home alarm system to help prevent break-ins and keep your home and its contents secure. It is compatible with most Grade 2 alarm systems and comes with two sensors that are hardwired directly into your alarm panel. The first sensor triggers the alarm in the event of the key safe being taken off the wall, whereas the second sensor can be set to activate the alarm if the key safe is opened. 

As well as the alarm integration, the Supra P500 has a number of additional security features. This weather-resistant keysafe comes with an ABS weather cover to protect the keypad which offers over 4,000 possible code combinations. Codes can be easily changed by the homeowner at any time, and the lock box comes with an additional code protection plate which prevents access to the code changing mechanism by unauthorized individuals. This keeps the code secure.   

How To Install/Set Up An Alarmed Keysafe?

The Alarmed Supra P500 keysafe requires professional installation by a qualified alarm installer. You should never attempt a DIY installation yourself. 

Be aware that despite a relatively low cost of an alarm compatible key safe, the key safe does require wiring into your home alarm panel which may come at a significant cost. Always get a quote from your professional alarm installer first before making your decision.