A scheme in Wiltshire is working tirelessly to keep residents safe with the support of The Key Safe Company.

The key objective of the Bobby Van scheme is to secure the homes of vulnerable residents who have previously been victims of crime- or are at risk of becoming so.

The most important aspect of the work done by Bobby Vans is through empowering residents and enabling them to stay at home where they can feel safe.

3 vans eith operators stood in front

 In the current climate during the coronavirus outbreak, the scheme also deals with emergencies, such as domestic abuse callouts. In addition to this, they also deliver vital PPE to frontline key workers.

 The scheme also features Wiltshire Police and Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescuer on their Board of Trustees. This is to ensure that The work carried out is relevant and addresses the issue of home safety.

Bobby Vans also supports the two partner agencies to deliver their initiatives, such as Safe and Well visits where they supply and fit smoke and heat alarms, as well as carbon monoxide detectors.

In 2019, the scheme secured 1456 homes, delivered over 200 talks which includes highlighted issues to agencies; and supported other charities working within similar sectors to promote their initiatives.

 The scheme is committed to ensuring that clients are directed to the most appropriate agency or charity so that they will receive the best care, support or service possible. This signposting is supported by the multi-agency feedback initiative SAIL, who will highlight all possible issues associated with clients that could be advocated further.

 Additionally, Bobby Vans offers a covert camera scheme which was launched six years ago, and safeguards repeat victims of crime. Bobby Vans work with five volunteers who install and service cameras and gather data after any incidents.

 In 2019 The World Economic Forum’s Risk report revealed that cyber-attacks are the third-highest risk to the global population. The scheme launched the Stay Safe Online initiative to help tackle this issue. The drive ensures that vulnerable online users are safe. Stay Safe Online educates people on how to identify cyber fraud, and what to do if they believe that they have fallen victim to this type of fraud.

 While Bobby Vans is still relatively new, it has had a profound impact in Wiltshire and nationally.

The scheme has visited over 320 homes, and this momentum continues to grow.

Through their hard work, the scheme ensures that elderly and vulnerable residents remain safe in their own homes.

The Wiltshire Bobby Van Trust can also confirm that the Dorset Bobby Van Scheme is also due to be launched this year. Both schemes will work in unison and ensure protocols and best practises are shared so that their clients have the best experience possible.

The work undertaken by Wiltshire Bobby Vans is essential and can be life-changing for their clients. The commitment shown by staff and the scheme’s numerous volunteers have been recognised across the county. The donations from The Key Safe Company will go towards purchasing security equipment and devices for the elderly and vulnerable residing in Wiltshire, empowering them to remain safe at home.