Multi Generation Family

What is being coined as the ‘Guilty Generation’, many families struggle with the responsibility of bringing up young children, while also ensuring they are spending time with elderly parents and relatives. Busy lives and jobs are often a barrier and with more of us using technology as a form of communication, the older generation may be suffering with loneliness as a result of less face-to-face time with family members.

A growing trend across the UK to overcome this now sees more families living in multi-generational households. The Office of National Statistics estimates there are now 419,000 households with more than two generations cohabitating, a number that is up nearly 100,000 since 2001.

This shift in housing arrangements is a result of the lack of social care funding being available to the ageing population, and is something the Government is actively encouraging, as well as asking families to be responsible for their care costs.

While there are many benefits to multi-generational living such as pooling resources for a larger property or on-site child care, it may not be for everyone. To ensure the arrangement becomes sustainable there are many ways for each family member to retain independence. These include:

Creating your own space

When combining households it is important to identify what areas of the home are communal and what areas are for your own private sanctuary. For grandparents or the oldest generation consider annexes or loft extensions to allow them to continue to retain their own privacy and independence. Ensure you’re still enjoying family time together by allocating the living room and dining room as a space where you can come together to share quality time.

Agree responsibilities

From bills to household jobs, these can cause the biggest arguments between spouses so it is important to recognise these arguments can crop up between family members. In the early days it won’t be uncommon for responsibilities to become blurred so it is crucial from the outset that roles are clearly defined.

Freedom to come and go

One solution that could help you cohabitate harmoniously is the Supra C500, which is a mechanical locked box that can store up to five keys. It ensures that unrestricted access can be granted at any time of the day so family members can come and go when as please.

The Supra C500 is ideal for many audiences including parents who are requiring care in the home as carers can attend and grant themselves access, or teenagers returning from school or nights out without the risk of losing keys.

Trusted by thousands of UK householders, the Supra C500 key safe, which is used by the majority of local authorities, is accredited by ‘Secured by Design’ and has been tested to the same security attack standards as a domestic front door.

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