Our Supra C500 KeySafeTM has proven to be a solution for kids coming home from school, family coming and going, and access to elderly relatives homes to ensure they receive the care they need while living independently, but our key safes have an even greater role at this time of year… 

“Mum - we don’t have a chimney, so how is Father Christmas going to drop off our presents?” 

It’s the question that millions of parents grapple with every year. However, contrary to popular belief, we’ve heard from a very reliable source that Santa doesn’t actually like using a chimney to deliver presents on Christmas Eve!  

Now, whilst Santa can use a chimney - it takes a lot of magical fairy dust in order to do it. Not only are there more and more houses without chimneys, but those that do have a chimney - they’re often far too small for Santa (and all the toys!) to fit through. Also, Mrs. Claus gets a little upset when Santa gets his suit dirty. 

Some people believe that Santa has a magical key, but we all know that there are security risks in leaving keys in ‘hidden’ places, such as in hanging baskets, under a rock or a mat – and it’s important to make your home as secure as possible during the festive months with all these extra valuables and presents around. 

By installing a key safe, you make access to your home more secure and less complicated for welcome visitors, such as family, friends and of course – Father Christmas! A locked metal key safe, such as the Supra C500 KeySafeTM, provides a secure alternative method of externally storing keys to the exterior of a property.

 Having a key safe makes Santa’s life much easier as he has a special code that only works on Christmas eve! So fear not, we have a solution to keep all those children without chimneys happy this Christmas!