Family on Holiday in summer

The summer holidays are on the horizon and many of us are getting ready to down tools for a few weeks and enjoy a well-earned break. But before we head off to sunnier climates it is important to ensure your property is safe.

To help you stay safe at home this summer we have put together some top tips;

Secure the property
The higher temperatures mean that as soon as we get home the windows are opened, but it is important to make sure that you close them when you are leaving a room unoccupied. This is especially important when the windows face onto a road, most burglaries will occur on the spur of a moment by passing opportunists.

Keep the property illuminated
With longer days and shorter nights it is easy to forget to check whether your outdoor security lights are working. We advise that you make sure these are checked on a regular basis to keep dark areas illuminated and deter anyone passing.

Minimise the social sharing
Whilst we all love to share our holiday snaps on social media, doing so could make your home a burglary target. Cunning criminals are now using technology to track the whereabouts of homeowners and posting about your next holiday makes this easier for them. Before heading on holiday, make sure you turn off your location settings and update your privacy features so you can safely share your #holidayspam.

Use a safe key store
It is common practice to leave friends or family a spare set of keys when heading on holiday, but putting these under rocks or plant pots is incredibly risky and is one of the first places someone will look.

The Supra C500 from the KeySafe Company is a locked metal box which provides a secure method of externally storing keys to the exterior of a property.

The Supra C500 can hold up to five keys so you can give friends and family access to your property in a safe manner.

Plus you can change the code as many times as you want, which is especially useful if you are using it for those who don’t need access once you are back from holiday.

KeySafe offer a professional installation service by fully trained engineers who can advise on best location for your C500 as well as giving instructions on how to use it and how to set the code. For more information please visit