Key safes have made life easier and more secure for householders since the concept of wall-mounted key storage boxes was first introduced in the UK in 1995 – and now it would seem that our most well travelled Briton could have benefitted too.
In an exclusive video released by The Key Safe Company to welcome back Major Tim Peake from his historic six month mission to the International Space Station, an astronaut experiences the hassle and frustration of being locked out from his home in space!
The spoof video was the brainchild of company founder David Ogden who designed the police approved C500 KeySafe™ 21 years ago. Now installed in over 2 million homes across the UK, the C500 KeySafe provides a secure means of storing keys at the point of entry to a property, allowing carers, relatives, guests or tradespeople to safely gain access. As well as eliminating the need to cut, manage and distribute multiple sets of keys, a C500 KeySafe allows spare keys to be stored in a far more secure location than the traditional option of hiding keys beneath plant pots or doormats.
Trusted and used by 90% of the UK’s local authorities as part of care packages, the company’s key safes assist with independent living by providing convenient and controlled access to the homes of elderly and vulnerable residents for carers and emergency services.
Commenting on the company’s 21st anniversary, David Ogden said: “The success of The Key Safe Company over the past two decades rests on our exceptional customer service and we regularly receive feedback on how our products are improving lives.
“This latest video has been produced by our newly expanded marketing team which is working hard to raise awareness of the benefits of our key safes for a real variety of audiences. Whether you’re a facilities manager who needs to provide access for maintenance teams, a holiday homeowner who needs to store keys for guests or a keen runner who wants to enjoy jogging free from the hassle of carrying keys, then Key safes can make a real difference. And if you happen to be locked out of the International Space Station 200 miles above earth, then a C500 KeySafe can come in handy too!”
The C500 KeySafe is the only mechanical key safe to receive police approval for use on outside walls and to be tested to the same security standards as an external door. Large enough to store up to 6 keys, the C500 has achieved Secured by Design accreditation and the LPS 1175 Level 1 security rating.
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