Speaking to the House of Commons’ select committee on Communities and Local Government, David Mowat MP stated; “Families should give as much support to elderly parents as they do to children.”

Mr. Mowat’s comments are perhaps unsurprising given the fact that we are increasingly deluged with almost daily news stories about the state of the NHS and worries about budget cuts. The possible decline in social funding is alarming when we consider the current ageing population, with almost a quarter of the population set to be 65 within the next two decades.

The increase in ageing population is also having a direct influence on the number of carers and leading to a rise in those within the so-called Sandwich Generation: adults responsible for bringing up their own children and caring for their ageing parents.

This idea of multigenerational living brings its own challenges and it often requires functional changes, such as the introduction of safety accessories, to the home. When making these adaptions and alterations it is also important that members of the family retain their independence.

As a company we understand this and for more than 20 years we have worked to provide innovative and cost effective access solutions.

For those living in a multigenerational home the police approved Key Safe Supra C500 is an ideal product. The C500 allows each member of the family safe access to the home and, should it be needed, keys can be given to care givers. The product can store up to six keys and can be fitted next to the door for convenient access.

Away from the home we also have products to keep family members safe when out and about. The One Touch personal alarm, is a lightweight, portable monitoring system. Operated using a mobile phone network, users can be in contact with loved ones or a telecare service with just a touch of a button if needed; providing reassurance to family members.

If you, or a family member could benefit from using any of our products speak to a member of our dedicated team of experts today.

Our staff will guide you through all the best options for you, ensuring you find the perfect solution. For more information, visit The Key Safe Company website.