How Often Should You Replace Your Key Safe?

C500 Keysafe

You may have had your key safe for a number of years and are wondering if it’s time for an upgrade. The truth is, when considering a replacement, it’s not the age but the security and the durability of a key safe that you should be more concerned with.


How Long Do Key Safes Last?

These days, most key safes are made out of relatively durable materials and can last a good few years. Generally, if a key safe is waterproof, opens and locks smoothly, doesn’t show signs of corrosion or wear and tear around the code buttons to unintentionally reveal the frequently used digits, there really is no reason to replace it from a functionality point of view.


You may, however, want to consider an upgrade if you’d like a key safe with any particular features like higher weather resistance, tamper-resistant construction, a larger storage capacity or integral hooks to hang your keys on. Our Classic range offers a great choice of mechanical key safes to cater for most requirements.


You may, on the other hand, have ‘inherited’ your key safe when moving to a new property and are wondering how to open it. Sadly, if you don’t have a code and cannot get hold of it from the previous owners, the only option is reinstalling a new key safe. If you opt for professional key safe fitting, a locksmith and some installation companies may be able to remove the old device off the wall and fit the replacement at the same time.


Reinstalling A New Key Safe

Whatever your reason, however, the most important consideration on whether you should replace your existing device should be its security credentials. If your outdoor key safe stores a key to your main property or any other building with high-value contents, we strongly recommend that you only opt for devices that have undergone stringent quality and security checks, with certifications from independent quality assurance schemes such as the Police Preferred badge from ‘Secured by Design’, the official UK police initiative, and LPS1175 Issue 8 accreditation from Loss Prevention Certification Board. If a key safe has both of these badges, it is certified to be safe and secure and you can use it with confidence. Two such devices are our second-generation Supra P500 and Supra C500 police approved key safes - the UK’s most secure mechanical key boxes boasting the highest LPCB LPS1175 Issue 8 A5 standard.

Open C500 key safe


Change The Code Rather Than The Key Safe

If you’re satisfied that your existing key sharing device is safe and secure and it’s generally in good condition, you had chosen well and there is no need for you to change it unless you have your heart set on a different look or any specific features.


Whatever you decide to do, remember that is essential to change the code on a regular basis. If you’d like to know how often you should do this, our blog on code changing has all the answers.