Numbers For Code

What does your birthday, child’s date of birth, wedding anniversary and the year all have in common?

These make up some of the most popular PINs (Personal Identification Number) in the UK and also the easiest for scammers to hack too.

Avoid falling into this trap when you’re programming your Supra C500 KeySafe™ by following our tips to choosing a safe code.

Make it complex

With over 4,000 possible combinations for your key safe we’ve made it as secure as possible to ensure maximum safety. However we still recommend not using a code that can be easily identifiable to you, and the benefit of the Supra C500 is that you can use up to 12 numbers or letters in your code.

One clever tip is to create a phrase or a word for your combination. By using the first letter of each number for example zero = z, baby = b and one = o, you can create a unique code. An example of how this works is using a mixture of numbers and letters as follows:

Stay - Six
Safe - Seven
Now - Nine
Be - B
Aware - A

So, your code would be 679BA.

We recommend using a code of between 5-7 digits. All mechanical locking systems that require push button codes can only use each digit once, however this does mean that your code can be entered in any order.

Change it regularly

You may have often had to give your key safe combination out to different third parties who may no longer require access to your home. The benefit of the Supra C500 is that the code can be changed as many times as you wish and it is really simple to do. Check out our handy video on changing your code here [link].

Avoid duplicate PINs

Each code you use, whether it is for your debit card, code entrance into work buildings or locker padlocks, should be different and unique. The more times you use the same code the more chance it could be compromised, that is why it is best practice to have a range of different combinations tailored for each situation.
Don’t share it too widely

It is inevitable that you may need to allow access to your home on a regular basis, and the benefit of having a key safe installed is that you can provide unrestricted entry without having to get numerous keys cut. However treat sharing your code the same as sharing a key, only give it to people you trust and if you feel as if the code has been compromised change the combination immediately.

Shield your code

As you would at a cash point or the till at your local supermarket, be aware of your surroundings and shield your key safe when entering your code.

The Supra C500 is a police recommended key safe and has many safety benefits that ensures you’re providing the securest method of storing your keys. One of the main benefits is that it is constructed from Zinc Alloy, which means it is not only attack resistant but also finger prints are not transferable so your code cannot be uncovered.

The Supra C500 doesn’t require any maintenance, as it is a mechanical product. There are no additional charges like needing to buy new batteries or annual subscription costs. There are no downloads to complete. This means the key safe is not susceptible to technology system failures, making it a simple yet highly reliable solution. It is also protected from the elements as all key safes come with a secure weather guard, so even if you’re not sheltered from the rain your keys will be.

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