Home security is an important aspect to consider when it comes to protecting your property and its contents. As a means to gain access into your home, it’s therefore particularly important to think about who and how you share your home key with. Traditionally, homeowners have been known to leave a key under a mat or a plant pot. However, this is a highly insecure way of sharing keys as it leaves it open to opportunistic crime if a burglar happens to notice you hiding the key or finds it. Many people share a spare key with a family member or a friend but our research has shown that on average they typically live more than 20 minutes away which can be problematic in case of an emergency. At The Key Safe Company, we offer a range of outdoor key safes that are ideal for letting people into your home safely and securely. Our police preferred key safes can store up to 7 keys which are secured in a zinc aluminium coded vault for maximum security. The key safes can be installed directly onto the external wall of your property, conveniently storing the keys just where you need them. This means you can now share access with your family, friends and trusted service providers in a safe manner and without needing to be there. Additionally, you can use the key safe yourself: key safes are great for storing a backup key if you get locked or for safely leaving your keys at home when you go out so you don’t have to carry them. If you are thinking about installing an outdoor key safe for your home, contact KeySafe today.

Outdoor Key Safes For Security

Storing a key insecurely (under a mat, a plant pot, etc) makes your property vulnerable to crime and it may even invalidate your home insurance. Despite this, you may not know any other way of giving access to family, friends or service providers like a cleaner, a carer or a childminder. The Key Safe Company recommends that you control who has access to your home through our police preferred (formerly known as police accredited) Supra C500 and Supra P500 key safes. These outdoor key safes have attained Secured by Design (SBD) ‘Police Preferred’ badge and the LPS1175 Issue 8 A5 certification from Loss Prevention Certification Board, making them UK’s most secure mechanical key safes.


At The Key Safe Company, we’d like you to live your life to the full and not worry about arranging your day around other people. Our key safes give you the ultimate convenience and peace of mind in knowing that your guests or services providers can safely let themselves into the property without you having to be there. You will no longer need to stress if you’re expecting someone and running late or stuck in traffic. You no longer have to stop your daily run, dog walk or gym session because you need to be at home to let your pet sitter or teens in from school. It also gives you the freedom not to have to bring your key everywhere you go. Outdoor key safes are recommended as the best solution for letting family and friends into your property when you aren’t in. 

Outdoor Key Safes For Letting In Trusted Service Providers

Key safes are a popular choice amongst people who use a variety of trusted service providers on a regular basis. Outdoor key safes are perfect for individuals requiring care at home, particularly those with mobility problems. They enable carers to come in and out to deliver domiciliary care which means that people requiring care can live fuller lives at the comfort of their own homes. Many people install key safes on their elderly relatives’ properties to give them the assurance that the property can be easily accessed in case of an emergency. 

Our police preferred outdoor key safes also offer an easy way of sharing workmen access to your home if you are undergoing home improvements, as you can simply share the key safe code with your trusted builder, electrician or plumber without the need for you to be at home while they’re there. 

Peace Of Mind 

Installing an outdoor key safe is a great insurance policy to make sure you or your family don’t get locked out of your property. Here at The Key Safe Company, we believe you should always have a backup method of accessing your property in case of an emergency. Outdoor key safes also give you better control of how your key is used and stored as you don’t have to cut multiple copies. Issuing many keys to different people comes with a higher risk of keys being misplaced, lost or misused. 

Emergency access

You might think this is obvious, but many people don’t consider having a backup method of accessing their home in case of an emergency until they’ve been unfortunate enough to experience it. Being locked out by a small child with them still being inside of the house alone or having a water leak while away on holiday can be an extremely stressful experience. Needing to gain urgent access into your property without having a key can require breaking the door and subsequent expensive repairs. At The Key Safe Company, we recommend you install an outdoor key safe for peace of mind and you will always be able to access your property. 

Cost Savings

One of the advantages of installing a police preferred outdoor key safe is that you will not have to cut multiple copies of keys every time you need to grant access to your home to a new person. Not only sharing access with your trusted individuals via one key in the key safe is safer, but it can also be cheaper and more hassle-free. You won’t have to worry about one of the many keys getting lost or misplaced which would result in the expense of changing locks and cutting new sets of keys. 

Outdoor key safes are also a great alternative to a smart lock because you can install one yourself at a fraction of the cost and it doesn’t require replacing existing locks and keys.

Airbnb And Rental Property Owners

Not only our Supra C500 and Supra P500 key safes are preferred by the police, but they are also trusted by Airbnb and holiday let owners due to their high levels of physical security. UK’s most secure mechanical key safes, Supra C500 and P500 can be safely installed overtly right outside the front door for easy and convenient key access, allowing your guests to settle in without the need for you to be there. Equally, key safes allow rented accommodation owners to manage properties remotely, granting access to service and maintenance persons as required. It also allows estate agents to show potential renters around the property without the need to have a copy of the key.