Domestic burglary numbers are decreasing, largely due to the introduction of more widely available and cost effective domestic security products into the market today. In fact, the last 20 years has seen a decline of around 88%!
This is positive news for communities, but we should not get complacent and always remain security conscious to help these figures to continue to fall. The Key Safe Company have devised the following list to help you stay safe and secure;
1. Use a door chain
Often overlooked, the door chain is one of the oldest and most easily employable security products on the market. Whilst simple in theory, more modern variants allow you to lock the chain from the outside, adding another degree of security even when you aren't at home This chain can ensure that you are comfortable with any salesperson, installer or visitor before you invite them inside. This can limit the chance of 'distraction burglaries', which are often targeted at the more vulnerable members of society. This brings us neatly to number two in our list.
2. Always ask for ID
Any genuine representative, salesperson, installer or technician will carry ID and be happy to show this on request. If you are still in doubt, don't be embarrassed to call the company (Using a phone book or the internet rather than the ID card!) and confirm your visitor is who they say they are.
3. Keep your curtains/blinds closed
When you go to bed, on holiday or leave the house for an extended period, close your curtains! You might want to show off your new, shiny TV to your friends, but showing it to the street is like a written invitation for opportunists. Consider using blinds to limit visibility from the outside in.
4. Don't post your every move online
One that we all may have fallen afoul of at some point. It may be tempting to tell your Facebook friends or extensive Twitter following how excited you are for your summer holiday; however, this could be risky behaviour. This kind of post is essentially saying 'My house is going to be empty for the next 14 days!' Maybe now is time to review your privacy settings and maybe even your friends list.
5. Buy well, don't buy cheap
Everybody loves a great deal. However, when it comes to the security of you, your family and your hard earned possessions, it's best to swerve the cheap and cheerful options. For home security products, look for Secured by Design accreditation. Bear in mind there are different levels of SBD endorsement, ranging from basic to high level security such as LPS1175, which is the test that certifies our c500 KeySafe to be as secure as your front door.
Of course, this isn't nearly a comprehensive list. As a rule, you should aim to make the opportunist's task difficult. The goal is to make your property look too risky or too much hard work.
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