If you have school-age children, you will know how forgetful they can be. As they approach their teens, most parents are comfortable with the idea of their kids getting back from school alone but may think that giving them their own key is too much responsibility. Others are happier with the idea of a latchkey which is often hidden under a mat, at the rear, or given to the child on a string to wear around their neck without realizing this is not always safe. If hidden in a secret place, a latchkey does not provide a secure way of sharing keys and may even invalidate your home insurance.

keysafe-kidsKey Safes Are More Secure

If you don’t want to take risks or your son or daughter keeps forgetting or losing their key, then an outdoor key safe is the perfect solution for you. As well as providing a secure way to store keys and let your kids in when you’re not there, using a key safe has many other advantages. Just make sure that you opt for a police approved key safe with an LPCB accreditation like Supra C500 or Supra P500, to ensure that the key box is truly safe. It is always advisable to speak to your insurer to make sure you’ve opted for insurance approved key safe

The Kids Won’t Lose Their Key Resulting In Expensive Replacements

Teaching children responsibility is a gradual process. Many parents have learnt the hard way by issuing the key prematurely, resulting in it being lost or misplaced. Once a key is lost, the entire set should be replaced for security reasons and, needless to say, this can be quite expensive. A push-button key safe keeps a single copy of the key in a secure box which can be retrieved upon entering a combination code. There’s no risk of the key being lost while out and about, potentially saving you an unwanted expense should the child’s key go missing. 

They Won’t Forget Their Key Leaving Them Unable To Get In

Simply put, there’s less to worry about. By leaving a key in the key safe, you can always be sure your child will be able to let themselves in, even if you’re not at home. 

Peace Of Mind For You

Wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, you can always be sure that you son or daughter can let themselves in safely and that there is no disruption to your day by having to drop whatever you’re doing and rush back to let them in.