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Are Key Safe Boxes a Good Idea?


If you have walked through your neighbourhood, you'll likely have seen one of our safe key boxes fixed to the outside wall of many homes. 

These devices are convenient if others rely on access to your property. This could include family members, service providers such as cleaners, dog-sitters, or tradespeople busy with renovations while you're at the office. 

So, are our key safes a good idea? The answer is yes, with each key safe having a unique benefit that can support you in various circumstances! 

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Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions and How to Keep Them


Every January, it is tradition for many of us to make a New Year’s resolution and become an even better version of ourselves. This may be spending more time with family, losing weight, or taking up a new hobby.   

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Thank you, for this year and the last 25 years..... A note from David, our CEO


Once again, we have found ourselves reaching the end of another year- and it’s been a very eventful year indeed!  

While still in the throes of a global pandemic, I am proud to say my team has adapted to every challenge that has come their way to ensure that we deliver on our promises, and you get the exceptional customer service that we pride ourselves on. 

But it’s not just the end of 2021 – we are also celebrating our 25th birthday! 

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Christmas Opening Hours


The Key Safe Company Christmas opening hours

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The Best Key Safe Box for Airbnb Properties


As an Airbnb owner, you want to offer your guest the best possible experience. After all, excellent reviews mean more business! And that doesn't just mean the luxuries found inside. Wouldn't it be great if you could ensure a quick and secure check-in so your guests can make the most of their stay? With a secure key safe, you can. 

But which secure key box will benefit you and your guests the most? 

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