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Should You Disguise Your Outdoor Key Safe?


A key safe is a clever way to hide a key, offering more security than leaving your spare key under a doormat or plant pot. You may be wondering whether you need to hide your key safe from view too, or whether it needs to be hidden at all. 

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Can I Open My Key Safe Without A Code?


The reason for the success of our range of Supra key safes is the fact that they are mechanical devices requiring no maintenance or power. 

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Do I Need a Key Safe if I Live in the Countryside or the City?


Although rural crime rates are typically lower than crimes in small towns and cities (with domestic burglary rates at around 13.1 and 7.7 per 1,000 population for urban and rural areas, respectively), reported a theft in the countryside has been rising three times faster than in the rest of the country (up by 33 per cent, compared to 12 per cent across the UK).

The good news is that, regardless of whether your home is surrounded by multistorey buildings or rolling hills, many crimes could be prevented by implementing a number of simple but effective steps to ensure your home and belongings are secure

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How Often Should You Replace Your Key Safe?


You may have had your key safe for a number of years and are wondering if it’s time for an upgrade. The truth is, when considering a replacement, it’s not the age but the security and the durability of a key safe that you should be more concerned with.


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Keeping Your Key Safe Code Secure


So, you’ve just had a key safe installed onto your property and have created a secure code. While you may have many visitors to your home, who do you trust with your key safe code?

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