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Could your keys invalidate your home insurance?

Posted on Thursday, 7 September 2017 10:59:03 Europe/London

Some people think that if they leave their keys externally ‘hidden’ away, their home will still be safe and secure. However, thieves are alert to these ‘safe’ places, such as under plant pots or a mat, in hanging baskets or in a fake stone, and they are highly likely to take a chance if they stumble across your not-so-secret hiding place.  Almost a third of Britons (29 per cent) admit leaving a spare key hidden on their property, despite the security risks.

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The rise of AirBnB

Posted on Thursday, 31 August 2017 14:57:07 Europe/London

Since it arrived in 2015, the concept of Airbnb has shown little sign of slowing down. This year alone the number of nights booked in London with Airbnb rose by an impressive 130 per cent, working out at an average of more than 12,900 bookings in the capital every day!

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The Key Safe Company On The Beat To Support Bedfordshire Police Partnership Trust

Posted on Thursday, 17 August 2017 15:54:20 Europe/London

With recent surveys showing a perceived rise in crime and the fear of crime, a scheme in Bedfordshire is helping to keep residents safe with the support of The Key Safe Company.

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Future proofing for senior falls

Posted on Friday, 11 August 2017 16:18:29 Europe/London

With one in three adults over the age of 65 suffering a fall each year, it’s no surprise that falls amongst the elderly are the leading cause of hospitalisation in the UK. Sadly, the injuries can often be severe and tragically, sometimes can even be fatal.

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Community Care Live 2017

Posted on Wednesday, 9 August 2017 14:32:16 Europe/London

Catch us on Stand 6 at Community Care Live at the BDC London 2017 to hear the latest in KeySafe goings on!

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Staying Safe Over Summer

Posted on Monday, 17 July 2017 16:12:39 Europe/London

The summer holidays are on the horizon and many of us are getting ready to down tools for a few weeks and enjoy a well-earned break. But before we head off to sunnier climates it is important to ensure your property is safe.

To help you stay safe at home this summer we have put together some top tips...

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Advice To Keep Your Code Safe

Posted on Wednesday, 21 June 2017 10:45:01 Europe/London

What does your birthday, child’s date of birth, wedding anniversary and the year all have in common? 
These make up some of the most popular PINs (Personal Identification Number) in the UK and also the easiest for scammers to hack too.

Avoid falling into this trap when you’re programming your Supra C500 KeySafe™ by following our tips to choosing a safe code.

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Making life easier in the home with key safe

Posted on Thursday, 1 June 2017 10:03:59 Europe/London

Thanks to improvements in technology and the development of assistive equipment it is now possible for us to stay in our home longer without making big adaptions. At The Key Safe Company, we understand how important it is for people feel safe in their own home whilst also providing important access for carers. This is why we have a range of products for every situation and each one can be installed in just a few hours.

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Surviving multi-generational living

Posted on Tuesday, 30 May 2017 14:11:56 Europe/London

What is being coined as the ‘Guilty Generation’, many families struggle with the responsibility of bringing up young children, while also ensuring they are spending time with elderly parents and relatives. Busy lives and jobs are often a barrier and with more of us using technology as a form of communication, the older generation may be suffering with loneliness as a result of less face-to-face time with family members.

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Keeping it in the family with The Key Safe Company

Posted on Wednesday, 10 May 2017 16:09:42 Europe/London

Speaking to the House of Commons’ select committee on Communities and Local Government, David Mowat MP stated; “Families should give as much support to elderly parents as they do to children.”

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