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Alarmed Supra Keysafe Features And Benefits


If you’re looking for a key storage device for your home, a key safe without connection to your home alarm is usually adequate. However, we recommend you only consider devices that are both ‘Secured by Design’ and LPCB accredited. 

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The Best Key Safe Options For Airbnb Hosts


Whether you’re new to short-term letting or are a seasoned Airbnb host with a portfolio of properties, you’ll appreciate just how much of a juggle the ‘meeting & greeting’ and managing property access can be.

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Are Key Lock Boxes Safe? The Differences Between A Key Safe And A Key Lock Box


Looking to find out the best way to safely store and share your keys? With a myriad of key storage solutions out there, it takes a lot of time and persistence to figure out what’s what.

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The Best Key Safes For The Elderly. Which Key Safes Are Police Approved?


If your loved one is impaired and requiring care, there are a number of options to consider. The type of assistance ranges from caring for them yourself, finding a care home or getting help from a paid carer.

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Can A Key Safe Invalidate My Home Insurance?


A wall mounted keysafe is a great idea for storing a key outside of your home to share access but it’s always good to check if it’s covered by your home insurance.

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